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Pro Fab is a leading fabrication company that supports the Plastic Equipment Industry. We fabricate everything from large conveying systems that include vacuum and pressure systems to cyclones, filter receivers, bin vents, and air lock systems. The plastics industry continues to grow at exponential levels and the Pro Fab team is proud in being a large supporter of this every-growing industry.

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Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage equipment fabrication is a specialized niche in which few metal fabricators have the facilities or expertise necessary to meet their customers’ requirements. Pro Fab has invested in equipment and the right talent to support production needs appropriate for food industry fabrication.

Pro Fab’s production facility is dedicated to producing a wide range of food and beverage production equipment including stainless products that meet stringent sanitary standards and accepted practices, which is a must for high-quality food and beverage equipment fabrication.



ProFab Corona is a fabricator of high precision medium to large pharmaceutical and industrial equipment. We offer a competitive advantage to the pharmaceutical industry with state-of-the-art metal fabrication, vast welding experience, complete assembly services, on-time delivery, and unmatched customer service. Our fabrication capabilities and inspection services meet or exceed the requirements of the most demanding pharmaceutical projects.


At Pro Fab, we specialize in steel fabrication. It may seem a complex task to fabricate structures such as steel beams, platforms, and steel supports but not for our fabricators. We have a team of experienced fabricators who are well versed with various steel fabrication processes, techniques, technologies, and standards of compliance. If you are looking for hiring steel fabricators in Corona, CA for your next construction project, get in touch with us.

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Building Materials

Pro Fab is a proud supporter of the building materials industry in supporting their metal needs in the field and during the manufacturing process of building materials.


Preventive and predictive maintenance is vital to every manufacturing process within all industries. Here at Pro Fab, we continually partner with different customers as part of their maintenance programs to ensure their metal fabrication needs are met especially during annual shut down maintenance events. Our team of fabricators are called upon to take on fabricating needs that support maintenance schedules that may be too complicated for in-house mechanics.

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The transportation industry is a multibillion-dollar sector that is continually expanding due to it’s high demand. Because many people prefer to shop online, the need for high-quality transportation equipment, commercial vehicles, and other shipping industrial equipment has skyrocketed, all of which consist of fabricated metals.

Pro Fab is your source to support your metal fabrication needs within the transportation industry.


With e-commerce demand at an all time high, the need for Distribution Centers continues to increase throughout the U.S. Fabricated conveying systems are an integral part of ensuring distribution centers meet their need.

At Pro Fab, our team of experienced fabricators can support your fabrication needs within your distribution automated process. Based in the heart of the Inland Empire, we’re proud to support our local distribution partners and be part of the growing distribution presence in the area.